Bangor Grammar School

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The performance of pupils in public examinations remains the most significant empirical measure of the quality of learning within school and the measure that most easily allows comparisons with pupil performance in other schools.   Results from the academic year 2020/21 are given and analysed below, comparative figures for 2019/20 are included in brackets.


 7 or more grades A* - C (incl. English and Maths)

5 or more grades A* - C (incl. English and Maths)


 95.3% (97.7%)

 96.9% (100%)


 3 or more grades A*-C

 2 or more grades A* - E


 83.3% (69.2%)

 99.1% (100.0%)

Key Stage 3

 Level 5 or above

 Level 6 or above







* Data is not available due to Industrial Action