Bangor Grammar School is a voluntary grammar school and will therefore charge an annual capital fee within the limits set by the Department of Education.  This is at present £140 per annum.  An additional £30 per annum voluntary contribution towards capital projects is also requested.   In addition, in order to allow the highest standards of provision for our boys, the Board of Governors levies voluntary charges to assist with the provision of educational material and extra-curricular activity.  The 2017/2018 rate of supplementary contribution is £225 per annum, subject to review in light of changes in budget allocation from DENI.

The school provides a lunch service to reflect changing trends in school meal provision. It is operated through a cashless vending system.  Boys activate their accounts by means of fingerprint registration.  It is recognised that some parents may wish to contact the South Eastern Education & Library Board to establish whether their son can obtain a free lunch and the school is willing to assist parents in this process.

In accordance with the policy stated by the Department of Education, the provision of the common curriculum by Bangor Grammar School is free of charge.  However, certain additional activities such as voluntary educational visits, instrumental tuition and related music exams, and school tours or trips will be charged as and when the occasion arises.  The fee payer has the option to pay fees monthly or termly.  Monthly Fees are invoiced annually in advance and are settled over ten equal instalments from October to July or three termly instalments.  

The detailed Charging and Remissions Policy is available on the School’s website or by request.