APCA & Naval 2 Star Weekend

On the weekend of 9-11 March cadets took part in the cold and wet for some focused training. The Army section cadets on Saturday were deep into learning on patrols and tactics and skill at arms while the naval cadets were planning missions on naval warfare and also skill at arms. On the Sunday the Army section took part in attacks against a formidable enemy well dug in in the disguise of OC Naval section Lt Robinson while Naval section were put through their paces on the obstacle course and command task stand. Some of Naval section had passed their weapon handling test on the Saturday so formed Seal Team 6 (which was ironic as there was five of them) to take on the enemy, they battled hard and came away blooded and bruised but they to managed to vanquish the foe. Well done to all those who took part and to the senior cadets who taught and demonstrated the skills to the juniors.