BGS Uganda 2015

 TEAM A Updates:

General Updates:

03.07.15 - Team B: Just leaving the Abaana Guest House in Kampala to head north to Gulu. Looking forward to meeting up with Team A for an overnight safari before continuing on to Coorom Tekwii School to continue with the building work there. Unfortunately our team updates will probably cease for the duration of our stay there as we won't have access to the internet. Will be in touch when we return to Kampala. Stage 2 of our adventure is about to commence.... !

01.07.15 - Team B: We had an early start and spent the morning working at the Street Reach programme - our boys organised football and a series of activities for about 50 street kids before serving them food. In the afternoon we travelled to Christ the King School (that John and Dawie were involved in building) and finished off at the New Life Homes. Our boys have been kept on the go full time but are absolutely pumped up and throwing themselves into every opportunity given to them.  #proudofthem

01.07.15 - Team A update: News from Gulu is that the team are doing well and are in good spirits. Heavy rain at the start of the week made the ground very wet and slowed their progress on the building work. However, they concentrated on painting the inside of block 1 which is now well ahead of schedule and almost complete.

28.06.15 - We arrived to Gulu after a 10 hr drive. Boys in great spirits.   We started painting today because the rains came and made the soil very wet.

27.06.15 - Got a lie in this morning since we didn't get to bed until 5am. After an orientation session, we headed to the market to change money and do an 'Apprentice' type shopping challenge. Team A are staying in a local guesthouse and will be setting off early tomorrow on a 7 hour bus journey to Gulu. Team B are staying in the Abaana guest house until Friday and will be working in Kampala with the street kids and in the New Life Homes.

26.06.15 - Made it safely to London but flight to Entebbe was delayed by 3 hours. Just about to board now. Tired but in good spirits.

20.06.15 -  Team Breakfast PPT