Bangor Grammar School

BGS Business Studies Pupils get a Quick-start to Enterprise!

Year 12 GCSE Business Studies pupils at BGS have been getting underway with the Young Enterprise “Quickstart” programme this week.

After the disruption of Covid it is great to see the entrepreneurial spirit is still healthy at Bangor Grammar. The boys are excited to get started and they have been full of interesting ideas.

Ben McTeggart  of Cargo Coffee in Bangor  called in to give the guys his backstory and answer questions. His previous existence as an accountant in the corporate world has helped him as an entrepreneur, notably as he has managed the tight margins of various small business ventures. The boys have been learning about income statements and balance sheets this month, so it is great for them to see the relevance of all of this theory! 

Ben has agreed to come back and check in with the guys next week so I am sure his experience and guidance will be highly valued.