CCEA Maths Event

My name is Roan Taylor of 10SJW, and I want to inform you of the CCEA maths event which commenced on Monday 15th October to mark the beginning of “Maths Week” in Ireland.
I loved the whole event as it was very interactive and taught me how useful maths truly was! Firstly, once everyone took their seats, we were enlightened on the agenda and numerous people with STEM related careers spoke to us about the countless paths you can take with mathematical skills. For example, I learned that everything engineered by mankind has needed mathematical skills to create, such as the laptop I am typing this review on!
After our break, we were tasked with building a rocket out of paper and masking tape to discover which design went the furthest (and why). My rocket won, as it flew like a dart across the hall, past my fellow year 10’s. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy the prize of a Galaxy chocolate bar since my rocket went the furthest! I was then allowed to go and try the VR headsets provided by KAINOS and they were amazing! It’s hard to believe that they were created by just utilising the STEM subjects and I would love to be a part of their manufacture in the future.
Once we had lunch we came back in and were presented with the challenge to build the tallest free-standing structure made of Lego. Sadly, my group did not win but it taught me that it needs to have a low centre of gravity.
Finally, our last task was to create a machine which could draw a circle and had limited supplies of a polystyrene cup, two pens and a battery. In the end my group received a Galaxy chocolate bar because of our machine which could draw numerous circles!
Looking back, I really enjoyed the Maths day with CCEA and it has made me look at maths in a different way now, knowing it’s used every day and how we couldn’t live without it! Thank you CCEA and KAINOS for coming to Bangor to allow us to gain this knowledge, and I especially will apply it throughout my future career.
Roan Taylor     10SJW