CCF Recruit Weekend

During January the CCF took part in two recruit weekends for the year 10 cadets, in total over 80 cadets took part in these weekends. These young warriors were put through their paces. Day one they had a four stand round robin, field cooking and basher building, obstacle course, command task and camouflage and concealment. On the field cooking each group had to produce a hot drink for SSgt Watkins, none managed to create a drinkable brew but at least they were warm. All the cadets threw themselves into the tasks (some literally) with loads of zeal and enthusiasm. The cold and wet did not dampen their willingness to get the tasks done, some lead by Cadet Walker sort to be more wet than others. The command task stand became one of the favourites, with the hand grenade crawl proving to be a great opportunity for muddy photos. Day two on Sunday the cadets took part in archery, first aid and drill. The archery stand showed that if the Battle of Agincourt was fought today the French would win but it was windy and the cadets aren’t Welsh. The cadets were taken through CPR and learnt vital life skills, by the end of the drill secession they could have easily took over command at Buckingham Palace. A great weekend with loads of activities and brill food supplied by the Army chefs. All their parents said they slept well on Sunday so job done.