Gerard Siggins author visit

On Monday 24th September the BGS Library was delighted to welcome Gerard Siggins author of the ‘Rugby Spirit’ series into school to speak to our year 8 students.

In June of last year all of the incoming P7 students were gifted a copy of ‘Rugby Spirit’, the first book in the seven book series (which includes ‘Rugby Warrior’ and ‘Rugby Rebel’ as books two and three) by the PTA, which they were able to enjoy over the summer holidays.

‘Rugby Spirit’ depicts the tale of schoolboy and GAA fan Eoin, who starts a new school only to get entranced by the world of rugby. Struggling to handle the new rules, make new friends and avoid the resident bully Richie Duffy, he is advised by the mysterious Brian—a character, Gerard explained, inspired by a true piece of Irish rugby history!

Dubliner Gerard worked initially as a sports journalist and was able to give the BGS boys some insight into how characters from our rugby heritage influenced his writing, as well as some practical tips on how to improve their own writing abilities. “If you want to be a great writer, you need to read,” was one sage piece of advice he counselled—and one the BGS Library would like to reiterate!

Five of the remaining books of the series are available for loan in the BGS Library, with five copies of the exclusive novella ‘Rugby Roar’ being added today! We have the tense series finale, ‘Rugby Heroes’ coming into the Library in the next few weeks.

A massive thank you to Gerard for his visit today, for answering so many questions and for signing books for our boys. We also look forward to getting our hands on the first novel of his new ‘Sports Academy’ series, ‘Atlantis United’—keep an eye on the BGS Library Twitter for when this comes into school!