Military Skills Competition

Over the weekend of the 12th-14th of October BGS CCF entered two teams into the Brigade CCF Military Skills competition.

Our winning team from last year had all left for Uni. except our new RSM Jacq Watton, expectations were not high for the weekend as Jacq’s chosen few were a young inexperienced team except for his 2i/c CSM Hinchcliffe.

Saturday was to be a round robin of eight gruelling stands testing the cadets’ skills, will power and morale, and to top it the gods of warfare chose to throw into the mix a wall of rain that would have tested the mighty Spartans. By 1630 on day one both teams were battered bruised and soaked, commanders self-analysed their performances and pondered how they were in the running for top team. Day one was not over yet, after scoff the teams were back out again completing four timed pairs tasks designed to see how you would cope under pressure while fatigued. The cadets slept well that night as day two would test them again.

Sunday was two stands back to back a punishing mile & a half run in full kit, with a metal stretcher carry and a van pull in the middle of it, followed by a shoot. Many cadets did not eat a large breakfast that morning, some who risked it saw it again later as team after team pushed themselves to the limit to be best team, after the march the cadets had no time to rest, a hundred metre sprint followed by 20 rounds at targets at 200 and 300 metres, then it was all over time for tea and medals.

After going there with no expectations of winning anything, BGS CCF as always pulled themselves out of the mire of pain, cold and self-doubt and won team gold for the First Aid and Shooting, a bronze in the March and overall silver as runner up Best Team.

A massive well done to all sixteen cadets who battled through one of the toughest wettest competitions I have ever witnessed, a massive thank you to RSM Watton and CSM Hinchcliffe, CSgt Fusco and Cpl Mingout for the training and their command and leadership on the day.