Sgt Watton Master Cadet Course

The master cadet course was an amazing opportunity that anyone who gets a chance should take. The course is challenging physically and mentally. I and the rest of my platoon took part in a range of activities across the syllabus over the four-day exercise period, covering basic harbour drills like morning and night routine to 4 Star equivalent field craft. On Day one of the exercise phase we located our harbour area and set up the HQ, reconnaissance patrols where sent out for the rest of the day to locate enemy positions. Day two consisted of patrolling and helping out friendly forces in command tasks, the most difficult was a casualty extraction. Later that night more patrols where sent out to access the enemy strengths and locations. Day three of the exercise brought us into deliberate attacks on enemy positions that where located on the previous day. This saw my section participate in over eight section attacks, but it didn’t stop there after that attack we were back to the harbour area to prepare for an ambush that night. On the last day we did a platoon dawn attack on the enemy’s HQ. My section was the first into contact and I as the section commander had to advance and clear dug in enemy positions for the assault and support to push through and clear in-depth enemy positions. Once the platoon had finished all its end-ex admin we prepared for the course mess dinner to signal the end of the course. I found quite a lot of the course easy going but at the same time being challenged by unexpected events and operating on a maximum of four hours sleep a night rom staging on. The course helps you find out a lot about yourself as a senior cadet but also what you can achieve and I found it very rewarding and an honour to be the only Northern Irish cadet from the CCF to ever be on the course and within the only nine people from all the CCFs in the UK to have it.