Shakespeare Workshop hosted by Queen’s University

On Thursday 7th December one of our GCSE Drama Classes had the unique opportunity to attend a Shakespeare Workshop hosted by several second-year Drama students from Queen’s University Belfast.

The Queen’s students led the BGS Drama boys through a series of ‘ice breakers’ to get them comfortable moving around the space, before working with them to examine some text from the famous Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

The boys were encouraged to discuss the characters’ motivations at key scenes in the play, supported by the Queen’s performers who helped them take apart the more complex sections. Working in small groups, the boys examined the text before a few groups were selected to perform their final piece. The result was a highly entertaining and though provoking adaptation of the confrontation between the doomed Mercutio and the villainous Tybalt.

David Grant, Head of Drama at Queen’s University Belfast, was also in attendance and was impressed at the level of maturity and enthusiasm displayed by the GCSE BGS students. Hopefully our boys have learnt a little bit more about performing Shakespeare—and not just for the purposes of romancing their own Juliets!