Bangor Grammar School

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory and must be worn from your son's time of departure from home until his return, when attending certain school functions, and when representing a school team in either a home or away venue. When he is wearing a school uniform in public his behaviour should be of a standard of which the school may be proud. Sanctions will be applied if a boy's beahviour while in school uniform, or when he is representing the school, lets the School down.

Please note that school blazers must be worm at all times. Tee shirts worn under shirts should be plain white and without logos or designs.

Please note that jewellery (apart from watches and a single plain ring) is not part of school uniform and should not be worn. Body piercing is strictly forbidden.


In general, hair should be neat and tidy and not attract undue attention. The minimum permitted cut for boys in Years 8 to 12 is number three, for boys in the Sixth Form a number two. Hair should not be grown to a length below the top of the collar. Unnatural colours or exaggerated styling of any kind will not be permitted.

Lost Property

If you son has lost an item of property, he should look in his classrooms or at the games venue and check with the teacher in charge. He should also call at the General Office at break time or at lunchtime and ask if the missing item has been handed in. Please emphasise to your son that it is his responsibility to look after his own property. Lost property has a much greater chance of being found if it is clearly marked with your son's name. There is a lost property procedure in place that will be explained to your son in detail on arrival at Bangor Grammar School.

All personal property - clothing, games kit and shoes - must be clearly marked with the owner's name. It is in your son's own interest that this regulation is strictly observed and that name tabs are renewed as becomes necessary.



 Official blue with Gryphon badge and pocket trim in the appropriate

 house colour.

 Trousers  Dark grey
 Shirt  White
 Belt  Plain dark grey or black with no ornamental buckle
 Tie  School
 Pullover (optional)  Navy V-necked with school crest

 Black lace up, no coloured stitching or logos

 *Boots or black trainers are not permitted*

 Overcoat (optional)  Dark blue, rainproof, longer than blazer - no coloured trimming or logos
 Beanie (optional)

 In school colours; this should be worn only in cold weather and is the only

 authorised headgear with school uniform.

 Scarf (optional)  School
 Socks  Plain dark blue, black or dark grey without pattern.
















Uniforms and approved overcoats may be obtained from:

James Baillie: 23/27 High Street, Bangor. Telephone: 028 9127 0412

Roberts Schoolwear: 24 Central Avenue, Bangor. Telephone: 028 9127 0516

FOCUS: 114-116 High Street, Bangor. Tel 028 9127 1818
39 South Street, Newtownards. Tel 028 9182 8007